How to Prevent Your Ring Doorbell from Hackers

A ring doorbell is an improved doorbell that is modified to notify homeowners when they have visitors or intruders.  With the ring doorbell, your security is high because you will be able to see someone on your door through by the help of a video through a peephole to your mobile device through the internet regardless of your location. The security of your house can be compromised when criminals hack your ring doorbell device. In this article you will learn how to secure your ring doorbell from being hacked.

 You must secure your access codes.  A weak password for you doorbell is similar to giving thieves the keys to your home, they will find easy time accessing it.  When you change or install a new ring doorbell system, the first thing that you should do is to change from the default password to the new one that you prefer. In the new password you creating, ensure no one can guess it, choose it wisely. To come up with a strong password, consider combining symbols, numbers and letters and ensure you change it regularly.  Do look up crown molding information. 

It is also important that you secure your router.  For internet access, your doorbell system will depend on the Wi-Fi network to have internet.  You should consider configuring your wireless router for the best security.  For the best router configurations, change your router IP address and passwords from their defaults ones, use of default passwords and IP address gives a hacker easy time to hack your security system.You should always ensure that you Wi-Fi is protected with strong passwords to keep hackers away.

You should install a system with encrypted signals.  You should ensure that you buy a security system that sends an encrypted signal so that the signals can only be read by an authorized device. It is important that you ensure encryption is enabled on all devices and even the Wi-Fi router serving the security system. A security system that does not have encryption activated can be accessed by third parties easily. Do check out ring doorbell hack now. 

 You should install an antivirus and also avoid the use of public Wi-Fi. Have antivirus installed on the computers that you use to have access to the security system, this will prevent any malware and other harmful software.  When you use public Wi-Fi to access your security system, you are increasing the chances of hackers accessing your system.  You must use private secured internet which is not open to the public when accessing your security system from remote.  Security system hackers can use the public Wi-Fi to access your data such as passwords and emails when you are on public Wi-Fi and jeopardize you’re the security of your system. Also, here's how you can protect yourself from hackers:

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